Third Culture's mochi muffins have swept the Bay Area. Mochi doughnuts are next.

If you’ve bought a cup of coffee in the Bay Area in the past two years, you’ve probably stumbled upon the mochi muffin. The mochi muffin — and its brethren of East Asian and Southeast Asian flavored custard cakes from Berkeley’s Third Culture Bakery — has been slowly working its way into local cafe culture since 2017.
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The novice farmer whose search for his roots led to an organic farm in West Marin

The novice farmer whose search for his roots led to an... A drive through West Marin feels like a roller coaster, soaring down roads that twist and wind along the frothy coast and steep ridges. The ride flattens out in the small town of Bolinas, where the road becomes unpaved right around the corner from the fire department. That’s where you’ll find Shao Shan Farm, an organic Chinese heritage vegetable farm so new that there’s no official sign yet. Just look for a young slim guy with a man bun

How Socola built a successful chocolate company in modern San Francisco

On any given day in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, Wendy Lieu can be found standing in front of a bright turquoise wall adorned with a flying alpaca (her company mascot), tempering chocolate and enrobing truffles with a radiant smile across her face. She works in the center of Socola Chocolatier’s retail shop and open production space, the literal heart of her chocolate company. Today, she’s making a dark caramel on an induction burner with an infrared thermometer while chatting with employ
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Tracy Goh preaches the gospel of Malaysian laksa in the Bay Area

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